PackshotLive showcases the best PackshotCreator solutions to enrich your product pictures and animations

  • Create your HD images and animations faster than ever
  • Tailored studio photos & software for 360° and 3D animation creation
  • Fast display of HD pictures and animations
  • Compatibility with your mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android)

Easy-to-use solution to showcase your items

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Place. Create. Show live products on your site.

Showcase your products, you way

Universal Zoom:

Smoothly zoom in deep into your object animations and reveal the finest details of your products.

Really Rich Media:

PackshotCreator is a unique enriching solution for 360° and 3D animations and your only tool to showcase your items like never before.

Build animations in a glance – and more:

easily import series of pictures to get animations in Flash, HTML5 or Silverlight formats.

Compatibility with your mobile devices:

generate HTML5 compatible content to display attractive and zoomable product animations on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets).

Complete Media Solution

  • Bring zoom to any product picture
  • 3 interactive file outputs for all your needs (Flash, HTML5, Silverlight)
  • quick, dynamic distribution system for fast display
  • compatible with desktop computers & mobile devices

Simple & Effective

  • One unique solution for 360° and 3D animations
  • your only tool to showcase your items like never before
  • highlight attractive details of your products
  • …or let your visitors play with the product!

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