Getting started

3 steps to create your products visuals

Place: your
product into the PackshotCreator
lightbox. The light
environment has been optimized for product
shooting on a white background.

Preview: the image
in real time on your
screen. Simple and,
ergonomic our software integrates many features
to help you shoot your
items without any
required knowledge
in photography.

Create: HD pictures,
3D and 360°
animations compatible
iPad, iPhone, Android.
Add interactivity to
your e-commerce
website, showcase
your products on your catalogue, datasheets,
newsletters, shoot
quickly for archiving, etc.

What does PackshotCreator do?

A studio for each of your product

The PackshotCreator solutions are designed to help users create their product pictures and animations in-house, for all their communication and marketing issues, whatever their products are. From PackshotMacro R, made to shoot very small objects to PackshotSpin O9T , that can support up to 320 kilograms, all our products are created to help businesses no matter what their needs are. The included software helps you shoot and create product pictures and animations for all your needs in product communication.

Better productivity

One of our main arguments is the internalization of the visual creation process. The PackshotCreator solutions bring you flexibility, reactivity, automation and profitability. Indeed, the advantages of owning a PackshotCreator solution in your office are immediate and incontestable from several standpoints:

  • avoid recurring problems with delays , loss or damages of your products
  • bring the image of an innovative and creative brand, drawing immediate attention and passion from your clients

Fast. Easy. Reliable.

All in one. Fast.

PackshotCreator is a set of solutions for all your photos products, bringing together a simple software and a powerful studio photo.

You no longer have to choose between High Definition and Speed, get both !

Whatever your constraints are, we are able to fully respond to your needs.

  • A technology accessible to everyone
  • The assurance of making the right choice
  • Solutions dedicated to performance
  • A product for every need

360°/3D Manipulation

360° & 3D Content Creation

The importance of a Rich Media experience

Let your customers and users freely explore your products thanks to 360° and 3D picture viewing. A prospect interacting with the items on your site stays longer, gets more information and buys more easily what he sees. It also helps drastically reduce the amount of product returns.

Bring smooth, fast, easy-to-implement 360° or 3D animations to your site, online store or for any local use.

Boost website performances

Enhancing website content using 360-degree or 3D animations is the sure way of making a big impression on the consumer, who is no longer satisfied with simple static images and thus stay longer on your website.

Increase your chances to sell your products online!